Keyshia Cole feat. Remy Ma & French Montana-You

Triple R-Like A Movie

Phresher x Remy Ma-“Wait A Minute” REMIX

Sydney Renae-Don’t Remix 



Ok. Ok. So my future ex-husband Chris Brown, 25, released his new album X two days ago (9.16.14) and I like it! I think it sounds fresh and a little more mature. It seems like he worked a lot harder on this album and it definitely shows.

He’s featuring Usher, Trey Songz, and the KING of R&B…R.Kelly! My favorite songs right now are “New Flame” and “Drown in it.”

A lot of people wondered why Chris named his album X. His explanation was, “It’s the Roman numeral for 10. 5/5/89 is my birthday: 5 plus 5 is 10, and this is my tenth year since I got into music.”

Have you heard his new album yet?


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