Wendy Williams and Eve Agree About Nicki Minaj’s Paper Magazine Cover

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Hey ya’ll! (I don’t know why I greet ya’ll like ya’ll can see me..lol) 


Tuesday of this week, rapper Nicki Minaj released her cover photo from Paper Magazine with the hashtag “Break the Internet.” In the photo there are three versions of Nicki, and they’re interacting sexually and simulating a “ménage a trios.” It plays off of her rap surname and although we all “GET IT,” she’s been established for too long to play herself in that manner. At least that’s what I think; that she definitely played herself. I think that Nicki is fearful of losing her spot as top dawg amongst female rappers and is starting to do ANYTHING for attention!!




Rapper/actress Eve (who just got a new job as co-host on “The Talk”) caused a lot of heads to roll when she spoke about Nicki’s cover and admitted that she respected Nicki, but didn’t think the cover in itself was a good idea. She explained that young women looked up to Nicki Minaj and I KNOW she probably wanted to say what I’m saying now. YOU PLAYED YOURSELF! You have made too much money and have come too far to regress in this manner. Later during the week, Wendy Williams spoke on the cover and she told the truth!!

Watch the video of Wendy below: 



Watch Eve’s video below of her response to Nicki’s cover:


A lot of Nicki’s fans felt like Eve was being a hypocrite since she was once a stripper and once had a sex tape released of her and her ex-boyfriend Stevie J.  Ya’ll got it wrong tho, Eve was simply trying to explain growth and how Nicki Minaj should be at that stage by now. That’s why she said as a WOMAN!!! Eve is a woman that has made mistakes like most women, but she got her self together and rebuilt her brand and her business. You tired, young, and immature fans of Nicki can’t understand that because most of ya’ll haven’t gotten to that level yet either! I can’t name TOO many grown and mature women that like Nicki’s music anyway! (sorry…I had a moment. I love ya’ll, but don’t come for EVE!)

I know there are tons of people in Nicki Minaj’s ear right now telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. The one thing that I feel Nicki SHOULD do is unify with these women and help CHANGE THE GAME FOR FEMALE RAPPERS. Go down in history as one of the reasons rap is inclusive for women. She should pick up the phone and call Remy, Kim, and Cardi and WORK together. We are tired of hearing only one female at a time.

Get off your high horse girl, and embrace your sisters. Otherwise, I’m only seeing things continuing to go downhill for you.

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