Tamar Speaks About Falling Out w/Toya on Big Tigger’s Radio Show

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After being fired from talk show, “The Real“, singer Tamar Braxton has been all over the blogs for falling out with her girl friends Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Antonia “Toya” Wright.  Recently Tiny took to her IG account to wish Tamar’s son Logan (her godson) a Happy Birthday and her rapper “hubby” T.I. took it upon himself to leave a comment stating (and I’m paraphrasing) that both ladies needed to get off their “diva” sh*t and get on their god mama sh*t because they’re too grown for the drama! Tamar DID apologize on her IG account to Tiny after T.I’s post but she shaded Toya at the same time! (Whew!-the pettiness)

Here’s the caption from Tamar below: 

Ya know I’ve been thinking 🤔although I don’t feel like social media is the best place to work out personal issues…sometimes it can be the most effective way to get your love ones attention. I love you guys and Tiny, you…since I was 19 years old. I would have never dreamed that NONE of us would be in this position. Against public perceptions we know it’s NOT because of that show or lies that paperback Toya has said or anyone else who has had something to say about the disagreement you and I have had… because it’s simply OUR personal disagreement. I love you and all my God babies (all the kids) with all of my heart and you know this. I also love your husband @troubleman31 because he is my family also. How about we ALL sit down and talk and declare our new Love and mutual respect for each other and I’ll pay for and sing at your new vowel renewal ceremony. Life is too short and I’m ok with ignoring single, miserable hateful friends who WANT to see you and I at odds and instigating feuds with you and your husband. How about we all come together let it all go and bring you two who were the closest to me and two people who share so much love TOGETHER lean on each other to bring things back together again. 🤷🏼‍♀️who said it will be easy but Love and forgiveness is easier than being mad and full of hate. So with that all being said @majorgirl I’m sorry for my part in the hurt and want to have my best friend AND her family Including all of our kids and TIP all back together again❤️


Toya, of course, clapped back at Tamar, but with way more venom taking to her IG account to say:

Anywho…watch Tamar’s interview with Big Tigger for an update on how she’s feeling towards ex-friend Toya.

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