6 Steps To Help You Learn To Love Yourself

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How do you learn to love yourself? 


I wanted to make this post for all of the ladies dealing with difficult situations in life whether its’ your career, children, school, family, friends, or your relationships. There are times that we doubt our abilities and what we’re able to do. When a relationship fails, we doubt that we’re able to be loved, when we receive a bad grade, we doubt that we’re able to get through school at all. I just wanted to tell you to learn to love yourself. Once you truly do that, you will discover that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Step 1: Accept your uniqueness. This includes your flaws and all. Accept all of your thoughts about yourself but do not believe them all. After a failed relationship you may think “nobody loves me.” These are simply ideas. Never believe them.

Step 2: Take responsibility for your feelings. Embrace your feelings. Don’t run from them. As women, we are conditioned to think that we are “always in our feelings.” Hell, you have to be! What I mean is, if you don’t understand and acknowledge your feelings-who will? Learn to stay focused and address your feelings. Stop running away from them, hiding them, using drugs/alcohol to numb them, or blaming someone else. Own up to how and what you feel inside. We are all human.

Step 3: Become more confident in your self-image. Doing this will resonate change on the inside of you as well. Eat better! Work out! Start small and work your way up! This includes your mental. Learn something new or take a vacation and relax.  Learn to feel good about yourself and your self-love will begin to flow.

Step 4: What am I doing or thinking about that is causing me to feel depressed, sad, hopeless, lost, incomplete, unloved, shamed, angry, envious, anxious, or guilty? Ask yourself this question! Sit quietly and let yourself answer honestly. Once you grasp an understanding of what you’re doing/thinking to cause these feelings within, you can start to explore more of your fears and false beliefs that led you to those thoughts or actions.  If you’re feeling lonely, helpless or heartbroken over someone else, address what has happened between the two of you that makes you feel this way.


Step 5: Stop comparing yourself to others. Your path is different from the next person’s. Your success and your failures will not be the same as anyone else’s. Find something that you excel in and take it from there.

Step 6: Note that loving yourself doesn’t mean that you put yourself before others, it is about the balance of your needs and your needs of others.


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