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Brandy is BACK on Broadway Until August 31st!

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Brandy Norwood is back on Broadway performing once again in the Chicago musical as Roxie Hart and so far her return has been epic!

Apparently, the singer was almost in tears during curtain call and thanked the audience while bowing beside her co-stars.

Brandy initially took on the task of Roxie Hart in 2015 and after a tough and busy summer reprised the sassy role from August 17th-August 31st. I’m hoping to try to catch her performance soon!

New Couple Alert? Is Future Dating Tommie Lee?

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After getting tips from one of our lovely readers I dug into the comings and goings of reality star Tommie and rapper Future.

They were pictured together during the BET awards on June 26 and on June 28, Tommie was in Cleveland for Future’s “Nobody’s Safe” tour. Coincidence? Or the start of something new?

Tommie may be crazy as hell but she is absolutely beautiful so I don’t blame Future. He’s been known to be a bit of a thot though so I hope Tommie can keep him in line!

Earlier today, the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star posted a video to her Instagram account where she was advising young girls to use their minds instead of their bodies; at the end of her caption she wittingly placed a line from Future’s hit single, “Mask Off.” (clever girl!)

What y’all think? Are they smashing or am I gassing it? Leave your comments and let me know!!!

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Love Does A Body Good! Fantasia Is Looking Better Than Ever

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Fantasia Barrino is working out a lot more these days and I just wanted us to take a moment to appreciate her new look.

She is absolutely stunning in her new pictures and I just had to say that LOVE DOES A BODY GOOD GIRL!!!! It’s true that she’s working out but that inner glow is everything too! And ya’ll know that’s the kind of glow that comes from being loved right (in EVERY way) so KUDOS to her hubby on that! It is always a blessing for the next woman to find real love!

Keep doing you Fantasia!


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Give it up for the LADIES!!!!

Queen of the Ring is an old time favorite of mine, but the fans are saying ya’ll need to come harder with the battles and with how quickly you guys are putting them out! We need a fan favorite and we need some passionate battlers! A lot of the older girls have given up on the art of it. Time for some new blood!

Remy Ma Brings Out Lil Kim, Young M.A., Cardi B & MORE During Summer Jam 2017

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THIS is Female EMPOWERMENT! We have been brainwashed to believe that only ONE female rapper can run hip-hop at a time and I am so GLAD to see Remy Ma do something that other femcees should have done a long time ago.  The Bronx native performed during Hot 97’s Summer Jam and brought out rappers Lil Kim, Young M.A., and Cardi B. She also showed love onstage to mogul Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Monie Love and Lady of Rage.

What I would GIVE to have a compilation cd of hip-hop’s female MCs! And a TOUR! OMG!!! 

It also seems as if Remy Ma responded to a leaked diss track from Nicki Minaj (“Real Lies“) during Summer Jam ’17 by shouting “F*CK NICKI MINAJ before performing her diss record “SHether”.

I’m not sure if ya’ll are aware of Nicki Minaj’s antics behind the scenes but she attempts to use her influence and money to shut down other female artists and I think that it is downright disgusting and insecure of her to do so. She has tried to prevent Remy Ma from working, Cardi B, and singer K.Michelle. (Check our Instagram for more information about these stories-and Follow us if you don’t already!)

Real women LINK UP!!!!


The Recreation Of A Legend

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With Tupac’s Biopic “All Eyez On Me” just a few days away, let’t take a moment to appreciate actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr.‘s (he portrays Tupac in the biopic) recreation of Tupac Shakur’s most iconic Vibe magazine covers. The movie releases this Friday, June 16th. 





I am so excited to see this movie! I have tickets for an advance screening on Thursday so I will definitely let ya’ll know if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down! (Can’t give ya’ll specifics though…)

Watch the video below of Shipp’s BTS of his Vibe shoot: 

TLC Drops New Video “Way Back” FT. Snoop Dogg

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Who’s happy as hell right now? Me!!! For one, my hair is really cute LOL… and TLC has dropped a video to jump start my summer! I am so happy to see them back on the scene (especially after they received money from their fans to do an album) and I love the backyard BBQ style of the video with Uncle Snoop!


Listen below and tell me what you thought about the song/video!



Tiny Discusses Her Marriage With Wendy

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I know that ya’ll have been all in T.I. and Tiny’s marriage within the last couple of weeks. One of T.I’s side pieces ran her mouth too much and it caused the couple to confront their issues publicly. Last Friday, Tiny was a guest on “The Wendy Show” along with her daughter Zonnique and she answered some difficult questions about her marriage.

The R&B legend admitted that as a couple she and rapper T.I just “can not keep it together” and she states that having their own reality tv show did “put a little strain on it because it keeps people in your business.”

I had hoped for the best for this couple when the rumors began over a year ago, but mouthy side pieces are enough to destroy anyone’s happy home. Not saying that it’s entirely the fault of a mistress, but staying silent and perfecting your timing is everything.

Watch the interview below: 




Foxy Brown Joins in Rap Beef

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Foxy Brown joins in the beef with Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj…against Remy! Apparently the hearing impaired rapper felt like shots were thrown her way in Remy’s diss record “ShEther” so the rude gal responded back with a track of her own.


Listen to the snippet below: