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Give it up for the LADIES!!!!

Queen of the Ring is an old time favorite of mine, but the fans are saying ya’ll need to come harder with the battles and with how quickly you guys are putting them out! We need a fan favorite and we need some passionate battlers! A lot of the older girls have given up on the art of it. Time for some new blood!

Remy Ma Brings Out Lil Kim, Young M.A., Cardi B & MORE During Summer Jam 2017

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THIS is Female EMPOWERMENT! We have been brainwashed to believe that only ONE female rapper can run hip-hop at a time and I am so GLAD to see Remy Ma do something that other femcees should have done a long time ago.  The Bronx native performed during Hot 97’s Summer Jam and brought out rappers Lil Kim, Young M.A., and Cardi B. She also showed love onstage to mogul Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Monie Love and Lady of Rage.

What I would GIVE to have a compilation cd of hip-hop’s female MCs! And a TOUR! OMG!!! 

It also seems as if Remy Ma responded to a leaked diss track from Nicki Minaj (“Real Lies“) during Summer Jam ’17 by shouting “F*CK NICKI MINAJ before performing her diss record “SHether”.

I’m not sure if ya’ll are aware of Nicki Minaj’s antics behind the scenes but she attempts to use her influence and money to shut down other female artists and I think that it is downright disgusting and insecure of her to do so. She has tried to prevent Remy Ma from working, Cardi B, and singer K.Michelle. (Check our Instagram for more information about these stories-and Follow us if you don’t already!)

Real women LINK UP!!!!


QOTR Female Battle League: Don Ladyii vs. MBD

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Ya’ll know that I love the Queen of the Ring Battle League! Not too many are involved in the true heart of hip hop, but I have always appreciated the rawness of battle rap. This league showcases young ladies that are doing their thing in the battle rap world and being in an industry that only highlights ONE female EMCEE at a time, I always feel like it’s my DUTY to show them off.

With that being said….GIVE IT UP FOR THE LADIESSSS!!! (Babs voice) -Much love QOTR

QOTR: Jada Raye vs Melato Black

Female Rappers

Jada Raye is baaaack!!! North Carolina’s OWN!  To me this battle was not well balanced with Melato Black‘s constant choking and freezing up. I give this battle to Jada Raye-EASY!!!!

Dej Loaf Has A New LipGlass with MAC Cosmetics

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Visit and the first face you will see is Ms. DEJ LOAF!!!!!! How exciting!!! Little Loaf from Detroit is making her way honey! 


Loaf’s IG pic wearing her new lipglass


This past weekend MAC dropped a new nude lip-glass and named it after Detroit rapper Dej Loaf.  It’s described as a “soft mid-tone nude” and it’s a part of MAC’s Future Forward Campaign. It costs $15 and symbolizes a pretty big step for Dej. The rapper admits that she enjoys being natural mostly, but no longer wants to perform without makeup and even travels with a make up artist now.



The Future Forward Campaign highlights new talent that’s making waves in the music industry. (There are 4 artists involved) Singer Tinashe is also a part of this campaign with a “Times Nine Palette” of eye shadow. Tinashe was able to design the packaging and pick out the colors.

I am really happy for these ladies! I am glad to see that they are expanding their brand! I’ll have a product review on both of their products as soon as my order drops!

QOTR WTT2 Robin Rhymes vs. Casey Jay

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For the battle rap fans only!!!!! This was thought to be a classic battle between two Texas female rappers, but in my opinion Robin Rhymes lost…NO DEBATING! lol. And this was definitely not a classic with all of the choking Robin was doing. She’s a great talent but Casey threw her off her square a little. You’ll get ’em next time Robin!!

Leave your comments below on your thoughts of who won this battle!

URL Presents: Ms Hustle vs Official

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QOTR: Chayna Ashley vs. 40 BARRS

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